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Media Page: The Art Lovers Australia Story

All About Art Lovers Australia

Founded in 2016 by Nancy Donaldson and Jarrod Knight, Art Lovers Australia is widely recognised as one of Australia’s most comprehensive and successful online galleries.

With over 10,000 curated pieces of art to browse from almost 500 quality artists (just one in twenty five artists are accepted onto the site), Art Lovers Australia maintains one of the highest quality online galleries resulting in delighted customers. Art Lovers Australia

  • 500 artists
  • 10,000 pieces of art
  • High quality artwork – just 1 in 25 artists accepted into the gallery

With their twenty plus year history of Art education and commercial art, co-founders Nancy Donaldson and Creative Director Jarrod Knight were tired and disappointed at seeing the very best talents of emerging artists go unrecognised and are committed to helping bridge the gap between artists and collectors.

Virtually no better way to view and buy art

Australian first augmented-reality makes your home the gallery

Now, with an Australian first augmented-reality app launched in February 2019, customers can see exactly how an art piece will look in their home or office.

Our app lets you position true to scale artwork on your wall to see if it suits and if it fits – taking the guesswork out of the purchase. Making every home an art gallery,”

said Ms Donaldson.

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“Is this the best online art gallery in Australia? I think yes. A wonderful selection of Australian art, super helpful staff and very easy to buy from. I’d highly recommend for anyone looking for art in whatever price range.” – Retz Developments

“Art Lovers is a fantastic online gallery! Great place to see what’s happening in the art world and buy beautiful art at reasonable prices.” – Maggie Deall

“Such a fabulous place to find quality Australian art and limited edition prints. The quality of the work is fabulous and purchasing work couldn’t be easier.” – Michelle Gilks

Why Art Lovers Australia works

Nancy and Jarrod believe the success of the business comes from its unique value for buyers and artists alike.

“We knew so many phenomenal artists that just weren’t being seen – traditional galleries, understandably, could only support a limited number of artists and the rest just weren’t getting exposure.

“We have artists who since being featured on our website have been able to transition into their art practice full time because they are able to make an income. It’s so gratifying to see people being able to pursue their passions full time, whilst our customers get amazing original art at a great price.

“We have a lot of clients who have followed us for a long time so when they are renovating or wanting to revamp their space, bring some different energy in, they trust us and come back to the site.

“We understand that most of us are time poor, and we don’t always have the time needed to visit  galleries, or find the perfect piece that fits both taste and budget. Art Lovers Australia solves that problem and much more,” said Ms Donaldson.

The Business of Art

In addition to being one of Australia’s premier online art galleries, Art Lovers Australia is also committed to the ongoing development of emerging artists and providing a supportive platform for artists to connect with buyers.

“Our mentoring is personal, focused to helping artists develop their work and  career to the very best it can be. With our platform, practical advice, and a helping hand with social media, we want Art Lovers Australia to be a cornerstone of Australian art, the go-to place for the best and freshest talent Australia has to offer,” said Mr Knight.

Our “The business of art” conference in March 2019, is two days of speakers and workshops aimed at educating artists on the ways of business to build their following and sales.

Nancy Donaldson – Director

Nancy is an artist and arts educator with twenty years experience of showing her work in galleries, connecting with buyers and teaching art.

Growing up on a 1,000 acre property near Texas, Queensland gave Nancy an early appreciation and instinct for natural beauty.

Nancy is dedicated to discovering and promoting the hidden gems of Australian talent.

Jarrod Knight – Creative Director

Jarrod is a lifelong cartoonist and a graduate of commercial art, who personally knows the struggle of seeing your work recognised and appreciated.

He knows well the struggle to balance his passions with the day to day necessities of work, finding platforms, building connections and getting the recognition your work deserves.

As co-founder, Jarrod is keenly motivated to create a successful platform for artists to share their passion and creativity. Bridging the gap between artists and their dreams.


Art Lovers Australia founders

Art Lovers Australia founders

Photo (high res) of Art Lovers Australia founders:

Art Lovers Australia Media Contacts

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